Student Life

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum meets all New York State and NYC DOE educational standards to prepare students for future success in college and the workforce. Our core programs include:

  • English Language Arts/Literacy: Into Reading (HMH);  Raz-Kids (Guided Reading) 
  • Math: : EnVision 2.0 (Pearson) 
  • Science: Core Knowledge Science (NYCDOE)
  • Social Studies: Passport to Social Studies (NYCDOE)
  • Art and Music: Weekly 
  • Physical Education/Recess: Daily 
  • Technology: Weekly

Dual Language Program: Español Hablado Aquí!

Español hablado aquí! We offer a Spanish/English dual language enrichment program for all of our students. Native English speakers, native Spanish speakers, and speakers of other languages are all welcome! Our dual language teacher provides instruction in Spanish for students wishing to improve their Spanish skills. 

Learning with Technology

Technology plays a big role in learning at our school. We have a 1:1 technology program with iPads for students in grades K – 5 as well as a fully equipped computer lab. We are also a Google school: all of our students learn how to use Google Classroom and Google tools to support learning. We also use technology to support our digital arts program and STEM programs such as coding and robotics.

Preparing for 21st-Century Careers

Career Day is one of our favorite days of the year! We are preparing our students for 21st-Century careers. Career Day opens up a window into adult career opportunities for our students.  

Academic Support

We offer a full range of Special Education (SPED) services for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). We also provide academic support for any student struggling to master grade-level standards. Your child’s teachers will work with you to identify your child’s needs and make sure they are getting the help they need to be successful. Our support services include:

  • SPED services including speech and language, occupational and physical therapy
  • SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services) for small-group intervention 
  • Additional intervention services for students needing help with grade-level math and literacy skills
  • After-school tutoring and homework help through our partnerships with New York Cares, Pace University and Practice Makes Perfect
  • In-house school psychologist and guidance counselor