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our Mission

The community of Public School 196 is committed to working towards the enhancement of our standards-driven instructional program, creating high levels of academic excellence for all of our students in each of the disciplines.


We will continue to provide a safe environment that empowers all children, including English Language Learners and students with special needs, to experience greater success and confidence in themselves, allowing them to grow socially, emotionally, as well as academically into well-rounded productive citizens.


Our students will attain these goals through the collaboration of school, home and community. Through creative and comprehensive strategies of Project Based Learning that include all of the elements of STEAM,  our students will become lifelong learners prepared for the millennium.

Lighthouse Leadership Team

our Instructional Focus

Our instruction is focused on preparing our students to be able to actualize whichever creative and career opportunities they wish to avail themselves of in the 21st century world they will be entering, and ultimately leading as adults. To achieve this, we use a project-based learning model. Project-based learning is a teaching method that engages students actively in learning by asking them to investigate an interesting and complex question, problem or challenge and then to create a final product in response. They can see the real-life or personal relevance of what they are taught in school, and can then make a positive contribution to their communities and the world.

In addition to academics, we aim to address the holistic needs of each child through our focus on health and wellness, and the arts. Our students take part in hands-on learning about good nutrition and healthy living. In addition, they are afforded daily opportunities for physical activity, and they receive instruction in relaxation and focusing techniques, all of which benefit them both in school, and throughout their lives. We place a premium on the artistic experience! We provide multiple, varied opportunities for our students to be both active participants in the artistic process, as well as audience members. We believe that the true value of engagement with music, dance, painting, or theater and the performing arts in our students' lives, is at least of equal importance to that of academics, providing stimulation for the brain and deep satisfaction for the soul.

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