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A cozy neighborhood school in trendy East Williamsburg - PS 196K The Williamsburg Bridge Magnet School for Communication and Media Arts is a warm and friendly place where students receive a well-rounded education and individualized attention from their teachers. The school has the feel of a close-knit community where everyone works diligently to infuse learning with a sense of fun.  Through the magnet program, students have access to hands on project based learning experiences that include technology, the arts, cooking and more!




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Colon's Corner

Principal Janine Colon's Newsletter

Dear 196 WBMS Students, 


We  are so proud of you!!  We are so proud of the way that you have all been completing your classwork at home and checking in with your teachers! We know for many of you it has been easy to work online because we have been using Google Classroom for a while in school. For other students it has been a little more of a challenge and we just want to tell you that you have been doing great.  We have spoken to all of your teachers and they are so happy that you have been able to submit your assignments and join your classroom chats. We know that you all miss your teachers and your friends and we wanted to let you know that we miss you all very much. Even though things might seem sad right now, if we work together and stay safely in our homes then everything will get better and we will be together!  Think of ways to spread kindness to your family, friends and teachers. You are a part of a powerful school community and we will be back waiting for you with smiling faces. You are all 196 WBMS STRONG and we know that we will all continue to work together and grow each day! Your teachers miss you, we miss you and hope to see you soon!  

Stay well! You are simply the best!

Love :) 

Ms. Colon and Ms. Casey

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” 

Stephen Covey

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